On Resilient Settlement

Tools and strategies for transition


Michael Mehaffy, Ph.D., is a consultant in resilient and sustainable urban development, and a researcher, educator, author and speaker. He is also managing director of the Sustasis Foundation, a small “think and do tank” dedicated to developing neighborhood-scale tools for the complex challenges of the future, based in Portland, Oregon. His clients include governments, NGOs and leading developers in the US and internationally. Michael has taught urban planning, sustainability, architecture and philosophy  at five graduate institutions in four countries.  He is on the editorial boards of three international urban research journals, and on the boards of four international NGOs and research projects in sustainable development. He is an author or contributing author of over twenty books. He holds a Ph.D. in Architecture (urban design) from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. More info is at www.tectics.com and www.sustasis.net.


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